HAIRporrn Full Lace Wig in Curly Curves

HAIRporrn Full Lace Wig in Curly Curves

HAIRporrn Full Lace wig comes in three cap sizes: small, medium and large. Combs are stragically placed for added security, These can easily be removed if you wish. An elastic band built into the frame work of the wig allows for adjustments. HAIRporrn virgin hair is of a highest grade used by the professionals. The hair comes in its natural state, the quality is sensational and sexy! Hair textures are created using high pressure steam. Sexy Straight, Curly Curves, Kinky Curls. The hair can be coloured, bleached, and/or textured.  You know you have a quality product when the lace wig is durable and reusable. We advise to consult a professional hair stylist when bleaching, colouring and applying this product.


HAIRporrn Lace wig's have a density of 180%

Natural colour ranging from 1B-2, some wigs may have natural highlights.


PRE-ORDER, products will be sent out 7-10 days after order has been placed. This time frame does not include processing and delivery time. Please revert to our T&C for this information.

Cap Size
  • Proper care will have your full lace wig lasting a long time. Cleaning should always be done to help keep the body and shine of your full lace wig. When washing and conditioning your hair use a moisturising shampoo and or conditioner.


    When washing your HAIRporrn full lace wig remember to always be gentle with your washing process, heavy scrubbing can cause your hair to matte. If your hair is tangling it normally means it is dry or it has heavy product build up.


    Do not use heavy oils they weigh the hair down.

    Do not blow dry the hair after washing allow your hair to air dry.

    Do not use sulphate shampoos.

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